What a week!  Devastating wildfires have plagued the western portion of the state, our prayers are with all of those who have had loss, and there are many. 

 At Perkins Elementary the 2nd grade had a Land Run reenactment.  What fun, for those youngsters dressed in period attire and walking to the Territorial Plaza for their claim, a bucket lunch and lots of singing and dancing. On the same day the Kindergarten had a play "Pajama Party", is was wonderful for off Broadway.  Small town bliss.

If you are looking for outdoor fun this weekend try the INFR Rodeo in Perkins, April 20-21 at 7 each night or the Ioway Invitational Horse Race April 20-22 at 3 pm.  Both are at the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Outdoor Events Grounds across from the Iowa Tribe Casino in Perkins.  In Stillwater there is the 41st Annual Arts Festival it is Sat. April 21 and Sun. April 22 and is located just west of Main Street in Stillwater.  You might have to dodge a little rain, but these are both great events.

We have lots of new listing this week so check out our website, it is a perfect time to purchase a home and interest rates are starting to rise.  We also have those hard to find land tracts.    Have a wonderful, safe weekend.