For our beautiful Perkins community, here are a few dates to help keep our city sparkling. 

The Trash-Off will be Saturday, March 25th.  Volunteers will gather at the Lion's Den on Main Street, just across from Frontier Realty at 8:00 am. These helpers will gather trash along streets, highways and parks.

The City-Wide Garage Sale - will be Saturday, April 1st.  You will find great buys all over this town, it is a fun day to exchange stuff.

The City-Wide Clean-Up Day - will be Saturday, April 8th.  Large dumpsters will be located in different parts of town for residents to get rid of larger items that won't fit in the trash trucks.  The largest dumpsters will be located at 319 E. Industrial (Knipe and Industrial).

All of these events are in an effort to keep our town awesome.